Gabrielle Micheletti

was born in Rhode Island, with lived roots in Milan and Miami. Ze comes from a family of entrepreneurs, stylists, metalsmiths, jewelry makers, chefs, musicians, and sartoria. Ze studied humanities + languages before earning a B.A. in Philosophy, with continued study in Experience (UX) Research and Strategy + Emotional Design and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) via the Interaction Design Foundation. As an oscillating ENFP/INFP, ze explores contextually meaningful, cultural, and emotional symbolisms within everyday life. Ze focuses on design for experience in development, and as a volunteer in the open-source web 3.0 community. Ze has collaborated with diverse distributed computing projects, and in creative studios like Pininfarina (Mahindra), converging the physical with the digital, the invisible with the tangible, and heritage with the future. Ze is interested in paradigms like co-design / co-build, open source design, and creative computation. Ze is passionate about deep craftsmanship married with design for decentralized + emerging technology. As a humane technologist, ze advocates through their life and work for inclusivity, intersectional justice, and social + economic empowerment.

A few things I’ve been up to recently:
Co-organizerGaza Web3 Workshop with Bounties, Blockchain Embassy + Gitcoin

Participant,  IDEO CoLab Makeathon in Open Financial Systems/Distributed Web

Volunteer,  Merry Merkle South Africa Mission Trip for African Angels School

Panelist,  Open Hearts & Open Minds Diversity + Inclusion Mixer

Participant,  Copenhagen Tech Festival Community Leadership Summit

Contributing Writer,  RadicalxChange - Web3 and Continua of Dignity

Participant,  Decentralised Pattern Organizing Workshop

Editor,  The Challenge of UX in Ethereum

Co-organizer,  Prague Cryptolife Hackathon Salon

Collaborations welcomed for evolving design + technology + impact.
Current contact.