Gabrielle Micheletti

I was born in Rhode Island, with lived roots in Milano-Torino and Miami. I come from a family of entrepreneurs, stylists, metalsmiths, jewelry makers, chefs, musicians, and sartoria. I studied humanities + languages before earning a B.A. in Philosophy, with continued study in Experience (UX) Research and Strategy via Designlab + Emotional Design and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) via the Interaction Design Foundation. As an oscillating ENFP/INFP, I like to explore meaningful, cultural, and emotional symbolisms within their contexts in everyday life. I’ve focused on design for experience in development, and in the global, decentralized technology community. I have collaborated with diverse distributed computing projects in the blockchain space, and in creative studios like Pininfarina (Mahindra) and Y&R/VML. As a hobbyist, I’m interested in paradigms like co-design / co-build and creative computation. I’m passionate about deep craft married with design for well-being, especially within marginalized communities and emergent locales. Currently my work explores core threads such as social + economic empowerment, re/decentralization, co-liberation, and open-source lenses for equity, sustainability + justice.

Pronouns: they/them/theirs

NFTs available on Foundation:

A few things I’ve been up to recently:
Partner at cLabs, working on Celo
Contributor at Althea, Cosmos-Ethereum Gravity Bridge

2019 Volunteer for Devcon Scholars Mentorship + Development Committee Lead with the Ethereum Foundation

Steward of the ConsenSys Grants Program at ConsenSys

Alumnus, Devcon V Scholars Program in Osaka, Japan

Co-collaborator, Celo in Mexico City Participatory Workshop + Research Sessions

StudentUrban Design summer program @ Harvard Graduate School of Design

Advocate, MIT CoLab Community Innovators Lab, DUSP

Participant,  IDEO CoLab Makeathon in Open Financial Systems/Distributed Web

Co-organizerGaza Web3 Workshop with Bounties, Blockchain Embassy + Gitcoin

2018Volunteer,  Merry Merkle South Africa Mission Trip for African Angels School

Panelist,  Open Hearts & Open Minds Diversity + Inclusion Mixer

Participant,  Copenhagen Tech Festival Community Leadership Summit

Contributing Writer,  RadicalxChange - Web3 and Continua of Dignity

Participant,  Decentralised Pattern Organizing Workshop

Contributing Editor,  The Challenge of UX in Ethereum

Co-organizer,  Prague Cryptolife Hackathon Salon

Collaborations welcomed for evolving design + technology + impact.
Current contact.