A few more things I’ve been up to recently:

Codirector, Ocelot community treasury
Refraction DAO, artist-led community + festival
She256, Governance delegates working group
Gitcoin DAO, Public Goods workstream
Friend at Scroll, layer 2 rollup building a native zkEVM
Contributing Artist, Offscript Web3 designers retreat

Partner at cLabs, working on Celo
Contributor at Althea, Cosmos-Ethereum Gravity Bridge
Signer, Prosper DAO creative + wellness retreat
Diner, Dinner DAO, Season 1 in NYC
Partier, GratefulDAO, #Cryptocookout, $HALLE/$TIARA, $KINGE/$EMPRESS/$TAITU +

2019Volunteer, Devcon Scholars Mentorship + Development Committee Lead with the Ethereum Foundation

Steward, Grants Program at ConsenSys

Alumnus, Devcon V Scholars Program in Osaka, Japan

Co-collaborator, Celo in Mexico City Participatory Workshop + Research Sessions

StudentUrban Design summer program @ Harvard Graduate School of Design

Advocate, MIT CoLab Community Innovators Lab, DUSP

Participant,  IDEO CoLab Makeathon in Open Financial Systems/Distributed Web

Co-organizerGaza Web3 Workshop with Bounties, Blockchain Embassy + Gitcoin

2018Volunteer, Merry Merkle South Africa Mission Trip for African Angels School

Panelist,  Open Hearts & Open Minds Diversity + Inclusion Mixer

Participant, Copenhagen Tech Festival Community Leadership Summit

Contributing Writer, RadicalxChange - Web3 and Continua of Dignity

Participant, Decentralised Pattern Organizing Workshop

Contributing Writer/Researcher, Mapping Out Grants in Ethereum & Beyond

Contributing Editor,  The Challenge of UX in Ethereum

Community Manager,  Ethereum Community Fund

Co-organizer, Prague Cryptolife Hackathon Salon