Gabrielle Micheletti

is a an experiential + entrepreneurial design evangelist, born in Rhode Island, with lived roots in Milan and Miami. She comes from a family of stylists, metalsmiths, jewelry makers, chefs, and sartoria, and studied humanities + languages before earning her B.A. in Philosophy, with continued study via Designlab + Interaction Design Foundation. As a United States + European citizen of Italo-American descent, she explores contextually meaningful, cultural, and emotional symbols of human experience. She has worked for development in diverse, creative businesses and in studios like Pininfarina, converging the physical with the digital, the invisible with the tangible, and heritage with the future. She has a passion for deep craftsmanship married with design for emerging technology, and advocates through her life and work for inclusivity, openness, and social + economic empowerment.

Collaborations are always welcomed for evolving design + business + technology.
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